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Silk Sarees-The Queen of all times

Silk is one of the oldest and finest fabrics in the world. Renowned for its smooth and soft texture, silk symbolizes royalty and grandeur. It is essentially produced by several insects, the most common being moth caterpillars and then it’s commercially manufactured by textile industries. The premium quality is produced by the mulberry-feeding silkworm Bombyx mori which is found extensively in numerous Asian countries.

India and it’s affinity for sarees is universally acclaimed. Be it a festival or a wedding or any traditional/cultural event, silk sarees always augment the finesse of the occasion. For centuries now, sericulture (rearing of silkworms) has been a major source of income and employment to a number of artisans across the country. Silk sarees in India are classified into various categories, the most common ones being- Benarasi, Muga, Tussar, Patola, Bhagalpuri, Kanchipuram and Jamawar. Each having their own unique origin, characteristics and charm .

Gone are the days when possession of silk was only for the elite patrician class. The plethora of silk sarees online at such economical rates is highly beneficial for the common masses. Online sale of silk sarees also reduces the chances of exploitation that artificers face at the hands of middlemen.

Today India ranks second in world silk production and has proved its mettle in manufacturing optimum quality of silk sarees. Gifting silk sarees to visitors has been an ancient tradition. Even today, this custom is followed, for instance, the lovely collection of Benarasi silk sarees received by the second lady of Europe on her visit to India. Silk is a natural fiber and requires a little extra care in terms of maintenance but with slight caution it can be dealt with ease.

Bridal Lehenga collections are still thought of as incomplete if they don’t incorporate silk in them. Designer silk Lehengas are a huge hit among the youth owing to their contemporary appearance. Investing in silk is never a bad idea for it’s said that silk never gets old or out of fashion.