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Various Different Types of Necklace Offered in the Market

Necklace is considered as one of the most important and elegant part of women’s jewelry. Necklaces are jewelry pieces that are worn around the neck. It is well known fact that women makeup and dressing cannot be completed without matching necklace and so goes it importance in women’s life. The necklace is a jewelry that adorns the slender neck of a woman which increases the delicacy and beauty of the woman. Indian Necklace carries tradition along with it as it passes from one generation to another as a symbol of moderate shift of culture and tradition. Indian necklace has social value attached with it as there are different types of necklace for different occasions like mangal sutra is adorned by married women only. Indian necklaces are usually made of gold or silver, though these days, beaded necklaces are also very much in vogue. It is generally thin chain worn with pendant which can either be gemstones, solid gold or silver shapes like stars, moon, heart, etc. Indian necklace is always guided by traditional values and ancient temple culture. It is known for its detailed craftsmanship and generally comes in heavy weights. Because of its antique look, Indian necklace is very popular in western countries like Britain.

Designer Necklace

Designer necklace is one of the most fashionable jewelery of modern women who wants to look stylist yet to carry on individualistic look. It is very popular for its detailed craftsmanship of brilliant design and excellent cut to give it a dazzling and flashing appearance. Modern designers are using their creativity to give necklace traditional look however keeping it light weight and cost effective. It comes with different designer chain like ball or bead shaped, box chain, anchor chain, Figaro chain, rope chain etc. these designer necklace fashion and styles to the wearer.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklace is very common jewelery of woman which is made up of pearls which is designed elegantly to give stunning look to wearer. It is generally long or short and goes well with all different women outfits and it has also got astrological values attached to it. Crystal necklace is also very popular among women which give flashy appearance to them. Comes with some sharp cuts and detailed craftsmanship, it is very popular with women as it is very cost effective also and comes with gold, silver etc chain. Handmade necklace is also growing trends with modern young women who love to adore it as it gives casual look to them. It is very cost effective and gives trendy look to the wearer.

Necklace Online

Necklace online provides vast opportunities to the buyer to select the best necklace from online shopping portals like Andaaz Fashion as per their own liking for different occasions to look trendy and fashionable.