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Wide Punjabi Outfit Collection

Patiala salwar suit is one of the prevalent must-haves in a woman’s wardrobe. They are pleasant to wear, easy to maintain and great to own. The trend of wearing these began hundreds of years ago in India in the city of Patiala, Punjab and then spread to various parts of the country and also the world. It comprises of- a pant which has layers of drapes stitched together with great precision, a short/knee-length kurti or top and a dupatta. This being the rough outline , one can always mix and match as and when required.

The patiala salwar suit is somewhat similar to ballon pants in appearance but are quite different in their shaping and fabricating. Patiala Suits are optimum attire for the summers. Cotton patialas are the most frequently used patialas owing to their versatility. Apart from parties or daily use, cotton patialas are even worn as office wear by several women. A crisply ironed cotton patiala suit, well pleated dupatta pinned to the shoulder teamed up with light makeup, studs and peep-toes Voila! you are ready for work. For a friend’s engagement, a cotton patiala paired up with a dazzling kurti, bold makeup, some glittery matching designer indian jewelllery and brightly coloured juttis (belle shoes) will do the trick. College girls too match up a colourful patiala with a cool tee and rock their day with convenience.

A prized possession amongst Punjabi suits, patiala dresses are worn by women of varied ages and sizes. Women are often bothered about looking overweight in patialas due to its size. The amount of puffiness can always be reduced as wanted by altering the number of crease and amount of cloth used. Experimenting with the shapes and sizes of patiala suits has always been a pet subject with Indian designers.