Party Wear Salwar Kameez

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Designr Partywear Salwar

Buy Latest Party Wear Salwar Kameez from our online store Andaaz Fashion. Salwar Suit is considered as one of the most comfortable yet traditional dress in modern fashion world. In contrast to the sari, the salwar kameez is easy to style and wear along with comfort it carry along with it. Salwar is the name of the pants, which resemble pajama pants. They are loose and baggy in the hips and thighs and taper down to a tighter ankle. Suit is the name of the standard shirt worn over the salwar. Dupatta is a form of long rectangular Scarf which is used to cover head in order to show respect or some women use it like stylish outfit accessory. The best thing about this dress is its light weight along with alluring design and elegant embroidery works and comes in eye-catching color combinations. And because of the modesty and trendy look of this dress, it is very popular not only in Indian sub-continent but also in United Kingdom, Netherland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The salwar suit is preferred and is a favorite among the younger generation, as it is easier to carry out. Indian Party Wear Salwar Kameez is comfortable & fashion clothing for women and so it is worn at home and even outdoors. In other words, it is used for partywear, formal and casual occasions.