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Different Types of Bangles Available in the Market

Bangles are considered as one of the most common yet traditional fashion attire of women. It is known as universal fashion accessory which is always desirable fashion attire for women all ages. It is a famous fashion attire of all religions and all age groups of women who flaunts their different color bangles to get fashionable and trendy look. Bangles also have medicinal use as it acts as an acupressure device on arm which relaxes body.

Indian bangles are considered as the most traditional Indian Jewelery which is known as “Chudi” and is worn in the arms and it adorns the area between the elbow and the wrist. Indian bangles are made up of different materials and the famous one is glass, however other popular choices are of gold, silver, ceramic, lac, metals, plastic, wood, ivory etc which gives different looks and are very popular as per occasions. Indian bangles are not only fashion article; it denotes custom and tradition of India and one of the most important jewelery of a married woman. Generally a thick bangle is worn which is called “Kangan” and generally made up of gold or silver and it gives boarder like shape to bangles in arm. It is mixed with other color bangles to give matching appearance to dress attire of woman. Bangles are one of the most auspicious jewelery of Indian women. It is very famous in western countries especially in Britain.

Crystal Bangles are very famous in this segment. Though made up of glass and plastic, it comes in different colors and designs. It is made by melting glass and molded in various designs to give it bangles type look. Colors and various other handcrafts are done to it to give fancy look. It is generally worn by mixing different colors bangles which kangan which match with dress attire. Because of glass materials, it generates a very harmonic sound which attracts attention. Women generally mix and match crystal bangles according to their own style to look unique, elegant and fashionable.

Handmade Bangles are also very important in this segment as it is very flashy and unique. It is generally loved by young women who love to look different. It is handcrafted to add extra fashion and elegant. It comes in different materials like wood, plastic, ivory, pearl, etc. it is in hot fashion as it gives very traditional look which makes a women unique in group. Online Bangles store provides with different styles and designs of bangles to women who can browse through many shopping portals like Andaaz Fashion and select the best size and design of bangles.