Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits

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Designer Anarkali Dress - The Royal Touch

The origin of Anarkali Suits come from the Mughal era. This is named after Anarkali, which means pomegranate blossom famous for her beauty and pomegranate like complexion. The word Anarkali signifies the softness, vulnerability, innocence and beauty associated with the women who wore this.

Long flowery Anarkali Suits can make any woman look impressive, royal and alluring. It is an aesthetic and very graceful Style quite popular in India and many other Southeast Asian countries. An Anarkali is a fusion of a long flowing kurta and tight fitting churidar (leggings) with a dupatta. Anarkali Suit is fitted on the bust and normally features large pleats flowing around the legs like an umbrella. The graceful Anarkali suit finds its root in the Mughal and persian culture. The various types of Anarkali are also related to the Indian culture in many ways. The Indian Anarkali is very similar to angrakha and is very closely associated to the Indian classical dance form Kathak. In fact, Anarkali tends to be regular costume of the dances, practicing the Kathak form.

The positive side of an Anarkali outfit is that it decorous every body types. It makes more noticeable at the top and cover up any flaws in the waist and hips making them disappear in their long pleats. In earlier time, anarkali suits used to be shorter till ankle length but these days you can find floor length anarkalis, which makes women look slimmer and taller. These are now made of variety of material like satin, net, silk or pure cotton and embellished with heavy embroidery, glittering gota or intricate zari or stone work and are available in different styles and cuts.

Long floor or ankle length anarkali suits with beautiful work on the neck, sleeves and border of the kurta are going to be very popular. Some tips are here for those who wishes to get an anarkali for herself would be that make sure that the bottom skirt area is made of a fluffy material or fabric which spreads out easily and has a lot of girth. Before coming to this attire, it is necessary to judge the ambience of the occasion you wish to carry it on. If it’s a social gathering at festivals like Diwali or may be Raksha Bandhan,or Eid then a fine shaded anarkali with a small intricate designing of stone on it would be perfect. Whereas if it is a wedding then you can pick a heavily embellished designer anarkali. Keep your hair tie up with a messy bun and add on a long pair of earrings which would give a lavish look that no one can resist to compliment you.

Women Anarkali Salwar Kameez

The “V” neck Anarkali suits are good for short and medium height women as ‘V’ neck lengthens the neck and avoids shabby look. Tall women can go for any type of neck designs. Tall women should avoid wearing knee length anarkali suits and short women look graceful with high heel.

The perfect look comes when you match the perfect accessories with your outfit. So we will help you to know the way you can look graceful and the centre of attraction for everyone. If your anarkali is heavily embellished, then you don’t have to worry about accessorizing it. If there is heavy work on the neck of your outfit then you can go for a nice pair of long ethnic earring like jhumakas.