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Different Types of Purses Available in the Market

Purses are one of the best friend of women because they go everywhere with her and carry all important belonging of her. Purses are one of the important accessories of women which never lose their charm. It is also called as handbag as women carry their purse in their hand rather than men who keep it in their pocket. It is well known fact that in order to look different, women have obsession to own a different type of Purse.

Ladies Purses

Ladies Purses come in great style and design and have great resistibility and durability. It is made up of different materials keeping in mind the charm it carries along with it as it goes with women which materials like beads, zari, pearl, soft toys, embroidery work and other embellishment. There are different types of Purses like Shoulder Bag, Duffel Bag, Sachel, Hobos, Tote, Clutch, Pouch Bag, etc which are very popular with women of western countries especially in Britain.

Designer Ladies Purses

Designer Ladies Purses are very hot in fashion as it carries along with the designer look which gives unique look to women. Designer Purses are one of the most important parts of women’s attire. Women love to carry different Designer Purses for different occasions as it fulfills their requirement. Designer draw inspiration from other handbags for their designs as they design the bags for women for different occasions and different women like working women, women at leisure, babysitting, holiday, business functions. The right Designer Purse that a woman carries can make a woman looks classy and sophisticated.

Handmade Purses

Handmade Purses have a glorious past. Today Handmade Purses are unique in fashion and generally made by recycle products. These products can be anything one want and can use it like empty plastic packets, torn footballs, torn dresses or quilts, caps, stones, broche etc. Indian Clutch Bags is a perfect and stylish choice for any party or formal event to attend. Clutch Bag is small purse without handle and generally rectangular in shape. It can accommodate women essentials like few cosmetics can be placed to make them beautiful and look fresh all day long. Other things it can carry like identity card, debit card, mobile and money. Indian Clutch Bags are perfect lady- like small and stylish bag to carry for an evening gathering or during the day also.

Purses online

Purses online provide women a lot of opportunity to choose from various different styles and designs of purses from shopping portals like Andaaz Fashion and select the best one for different occasions and needs.