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Stylish & Latest Women Wedding Lehenga Choli

As today’s trend, wedding ceremony is one of the most significant events in the lifetime of the bride and groom. Everyone desires to wear the most appropriate outfits for the most awaited event and looking perfect among the crowd. In order to realize this dream, you don’t need of visit an expensive designer, get in touch of most popular store for providing women dresses Andaaz Online and make your shopping experience unique and different.

Wedding is the most auspicious event in everyone’s life. Indian weddings are brimming with customs and rituals. Indian wedding is not a silent affair but a cluster of various beautiful ceremonies that are performed with a great care and dedication. There are so many pre wedding rituals such as engagement, sangeet, haldi and mehendi. Indian weddings take place over several days of celebration and ceremonies. Indian weddings are bright, colorful, and rich in traditions. India is a country of huge diversity in terms of religions, caste and languages. Every community practices different customs and rituals. Dress style also varies from region to region. When it comes to wedding in India, ceremonies and rituals also varies from region to region. No matter what are the differences, Indian weddings are rich in colors and celebration. Indian bridal wear are known for its beauty. Indian wedding dresses are vibrant in colors and rich in fabrics. In the Indian weddings, women spend a number of months in deciding what to wear. The first and the most difficult task are to decide the bride’s wedding dress. As the bride would be the centre of attraction so her outfit must be extraordinarily beautiful. For the Indian brides, lehenga is the most favorite bridal outfit. A lehenga is a beautiful combination of a long skirt, a choli and a dupatta. Lehenga is a perfect wedding dress for a bride as it has that potential to add a glitter to your appearance. A wedding is a magical event in every girl’s life. You must choose a perfect wedding lehenga that can create magic and make you look like a diva. Have a wedding coming up and you are seriously confused in what kind of lehenga you should wear on your wedding day? Want to look so beautiful that make your husband to look at you like you are the best thing to have happened to him. A wedding lehenga is one of the hottest topics of discussion in any wedding preparation. That’s why, it is important to choose your wedding lehenga with utmost care. From the fitting to color and embroidery must make you look flattering. After all it is your day dear, take a look at some amazing tips that would ease all your problems and doubts and choose a perfect wedding lehenga for your wedding according to your body shape and skin tone. While choosing a perfect wedding lehenga there are three things that you must keep in mind; Color, comfort and shape.

The first and the most important task are to choose a perfect color for your wedding lehenga. Well, to make things slightly easier for you, we are giving you some worthy tips that would definitely help you to decide the color of your wedding lehenga quickly. You must choose the color of your wedding lehenga according to your skin tone. Right color will always complement your complexion but a wrong color can ruin your entire look at the same time. Many brides go for the traditional red color but some of them look for some different colors for their wedding lehenga. But so many options often leave them confused.

• If your skin tone is fair then you have a wide variety to choose from. Opt for any shade of blue or bright shades of pink and red. You can choose tangerine color that is perfectly made for you. And not to miss the color of the year Marsala. If you want to wear some soft colors on your wedding day then go for light shades such as peach, light pink, mint green, and light purple will suit you best. Must avoid shades of brown and grey as these will make your appearance dull in front of your complexion. • If you have a wheatish complexion then it is good to know that all the colors are best for you. Some of them are tangy orange, saffron yellow, vibrant shades of red and hot pink too. You can also pick mint green and royal blue wedding lehenga that will make you look extremely beautiful. However, colors such as beige, toasted almond, and grey should be avoided as they tend to mix with your skin tone that would be totally unflattering. In short, burnt shades of yellow and orange, bright shades of pink and red are the best to pick for your wedding lehenga. • You are lucky if you have a dusky complexion as all dark and rich colors are perfect for you. Colors like classic blue, Marsala; burnt orange and brick red are just made for you dear. In addition to that, the metallic silver, gold and bronze will also flatter your get up pretty well. Now it is quite easier for you to select the perfect color for your wedding lehenga for your special day. All you want is to keep these all tips in your mind and find a perfect color for your wedding lehenga and get ready to glam up your wedding.

The next thing you should keep in your mind is comfort while choosing a wedding lehenga. As you know, wedding is not an event of 1-2 hours but a long ceremony full of rituals and customs, so your wedding lehenga must be comfortable for you to wear and sit for many hours. Fashion today has immensely changed. Designers are using fabrics that are light in weight but yet beautiful so that the bride can enjoy and actually have fun at her own wedding. The wrong choice of fabric will ruin your look for the day and the silhouette. So choose a light weighted fabric for your wedding lehenga so that you can dance with a twirl. You have various options in fabric materials to choose from such as velvet, satin, art silk, chiffon, georgette, crepe and so on. For wedding lehenga, velvet fabric material is the best as velvet gives you a regal and lavish look and make you look like a queen. If you want a heavily embellished lehenga then avoid so much heavy jewelry. A simple messy bun, beautiful makeup and less jewelry that flatters your features are perfect for your queen look. Make it simple, make it stylish. Ditch the traditional short choli and pick a longer one to create an illusion of length.

The next task is to choose a wedding lehenga according to your body shape. Before choosing the wedding lehenga, make sure that you can walk, sit and turn comfortably as well as lift your arms to hug your loved ones. Comfort and confidence are crucial on your wedding day. If you are short in height, A line wedding lehenga is perfect for you dear. If you want a fitted wedding lehenga then go for a mermaid style lehenga. But make sure it suits on your body and must kick at the bottom. For the pear shaped or hourglass shaped body, you need to balance the top half of your body with the bottom. Avoid straight or bias cut designs; your hips will be greatly accentuated. Choose a perfect wedding lehenga with perfect neckline. Neckline also affects the entire look and will draw the most attention. Choose a neckline according to your shoulders. Depending hoe broad or narrow your shoulders are, your face, your neck and bust line can be accentuated by the shape of your neckline. You should also keep in mind the style of jewelry you are going to wear. If you have a big bust line then must go for ‘V’ neckline. For a small bust line, go for a wide neckline.

If we imagine an Indian bride then the image would include a maang tikka, with jubilant and sparkling jewelry, glowing makeup, dark mehendi designs on hands and feet and a lavish and royal looking lehenga for an extremely special day of everyone’s life. A perfectly beautiful wedding lehenga is the dream of every woman for her wedding day. Whenever a woman thinks about her wedding, the first thing that strikes her mind is a wedding lehenga which make her look extremely unique in the crowd. But there are many kinds or styles of lehenga, what you should opt for your special day. Are you confused with so many options? So pay a little attention here and you will be sorted out. Lehenga is an ultimate favorite to every woman. Women love to wear lehenga on their wedding that admires their looks.

• You can opt for straight cut lehenga if you don’t want curves. Straight cut lehenga has no curves but cut in a straight line. No matter you are short or tall if you have lean figure then you must wear a straight cut wedding lehenga on your wedding and you will definitely look the most beautiful bride ever. • The mermaid style or fish cut lehenga is the best one if you want fitted look. a fish cut lehenga clings from the waistline to the knee and then gives the flared look at the bottom. If you have slim and trim figure then this type of wedding lehenga is just perfectly made for you. • The next must have choice is A- line lehenga. A line lehenga fits around your body and give the shape of letter ‘A’. A- Line lehenga usually made of the fabric silk and satin. The best thing about A- line lehenga is that it suits on every body type so you don’t need to worry about your figure and all. Just fall for this A line lehenga and get ready to become the most beautiful bride ever. • Circular wedding lehenga is the perfect for you if you want a traditional look and formal look. Circular lehenga has heavy flares at the hemline and creates a mesmerizing look. A circular lehenga is usually made of fabrics like chiffon and satin. This kind of lehenga gives an impression of fairy tale wedding. A circular lehenga is ideal for slender or pear shaped figures. • Kali ghagras is a typical Rajasthan style that gives you a regal and lavish look. Kali lehengas are made of two or more fabrics and have good flares at the bottom. This type of lehenga is heavily embellished with zari, gotta, sequins, beads, mirror and embroidery work • Paneled lehenga are the best if you want less flares and more curves. This kind of lehenga consists of horizontal panels of fabrics attached along the flares of the lehenga. A good combination of colors in a paneled lehenga can take you to the level beyond. • Asymmetric lehenga choli is the latest trend these days which has not specific hemline. This kind of lehenga has pleats attached to the waist line and the lower hemline becomes unbalanced. This kind of lehenga suits on every body type.

Choose a perfect wedding lehenga for your wedding and become the most beautiful bride ever. Surely, you are now clear that what color you should wear and what type of lehenga suits on your body type and shape. Pick a perfectly beautiful wedding lehenga and pair it with perfect bridal jewelry. At Andaaz fashion you can find an exquisite range of selected wedding lehengas and jewelry at very exciting prices. You can choose from various colors and fabric materials. You can pick your favorite lehenga from our bollywood collection. We ensure you the best quality of the products and timely delivery at your doorstep so that you can enjoy your wedding without any hassle. You can find here an exclusive range of sangeet, haldi and mehendi lehengas with matching jewelry. Andaaz fashion is an ultimate platform where you can find whatever you desire, any color, fabric, design, and pattern. We want to make you wedding the most memorable event of your life. Wedding is the beginning of new phase of your life and that’s why it must be the happiest moments ever. Just go with the flow and shop at Andaaz the most beautiful wedding lehenga with matching bridal jewelry and be the talk of the year. Andaaz fashion intends to give you the best qualitative experience ever and let you choose from the widest variety of wedding lehengas so that you will not regret to your choice. We give you worthy tips so that you can pick the best lehenga according to your skin tone, shape of the body and the most important comfort zone. So, shop at Andaaz fashion stress free and give us an opportunity to make you the most regal and lavish looking bride ever. Look at our website and get the best deal and discounts.

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These dresses come in altered sizes and in a range of patterns. It all depends on what you desire to wear on your wedding day. Sweetheart necks, Halter necks, off-shoulder cuts, and strapless styles can all be obtained at inexpensive worth our online store in London, United Kingdom. The equipment used in Bridal wearing dresses also issue to an enormous extent. This is the reason women favour to choose between satin, tulle or silk outfits. Organza, tulle and polyester are several former varieties which are chosen by confident section of women.

There are several Lehengas boutiques online which displays elegant bridal gowns on a daily basis. They could commit to provide you best quality of designer wedding wear online but we are well known for providing most competitive in cost and quality. The most popular designer wedding wear online is white outfit which make feel any women angelic. Except white, more colors of designer wedding wear online are available for women, which rise in your mind with the latest trend and style.

In India the biggest festival ever is a wedding whichever part of the country you are in, a wedding is always a grand event to be celebrated and lived. On a wedding day the bride and the groom are always the center of attraction and it is always important for them to look good and look stylish. So, in order to be well prepared for the wedding, the groom and the bride ensure that they put in lot of preparations and hard work in their wedding ensemble.

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