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Designer Anarkali Suits -The Royal Touch

Anarkali suit is a very common attire worn by most women irrespective of their age or figure. It is suitable for nearly any occasion, be it an extravagant event or a casual day. Anarkalis are extremely comfy and easy to carry off with sophistication. According to popular belief, the name “Anarkali” has been derived from the name of a slave dance girl who served Mughal Emperor Akbar and was perilously punished for having an illicit affair with the Emperor’s son. Anarkali suits comprise of three parts: a kurti that is fitted at the top and flowy downwards, slim/skin fitted churidar suits pants and a dupatta. Usually the kurti is magnificently crafted and teamed up with similarly or contrastingly coloured counterparts but printed churidars and sequined dupattas are also in trend these days.

Women Anarkali Salwar Kameez

An important mention to Bollywood for playing a major role in the Anarkali Salwar Suits’ rise to fame. Time and again, several leading ladies of the silver screen have enrobed these wonderful accoutrements and patronized them. The best part of this apparel – it can have gazillion modifications and can be made out of a variety of materials. Cotton anarkali suits being the latest of the lot have been well received by the common masses too. Cotton being a very formal yet comfortable fabric is excellent to design anarkali dress for regular use. Anarkali dresses made with georgette, brasso or other synthetic material are usually intricately designed for special occasions. Embroidery, sequin-work, bejeweled buttons, shimmery bobs attached to the ends, lacy or netted sleeves are few of the ornamentations used to enhance the appearance of this dress.

Anarkali Suits are generally seen in India, Pakistan, Europe and the Middle Eastern Countries. Weddings or pre-wedding ceremonies are bound to have women decked in anarkalis & Salwar Kameez. Many brides too adorn themselves in drop-dead gorgeous anarkalis on their special day.